Jade Lemons of the Atlanta band Injected has died

Jade Lemons of the Atlanta band Injected has died.

The singer-guitarist posted a pensive missive on his Facebook page Wednesday morning that spoke of personal growth, love and pure intentions. He died of an apparent drug overdose.

Butch Walker, who produced Injected’s 2002 major label debut, “Burn it Black,” left an RIP for the musician on his Facebook page.

On Friday morning, Walker told me that Lemons was a "shining light wherever he went."

"(He) made everyone feel good and important. The world will be a little darker without him," Walker said.

Injected formed in Atlanta in the mid-1990s and achieved a robust local following. Their song “Faithless” hit the Top 20 on the rock charts in 2001 and was used in the “More Fast and Furious” film. Some of the band’s album cuts also made appearances in “Spider-Man” and “The Scorpion King.”

In May 2009, the original Injected quartet played for the first time in seven years as Smith’s Olde Bar for the charity event, 500 Songs for Kids.

Here is Lemons’ last Facebook communication:

Good morning to all of my family, my friends and strangers alike. I hope with all of my heart that you're ready to have a great day!

PERSONAL GROWTH...is an amazingly beautiful thing. To sit with someone you truly, selflessly love - that truly loves you - and communicate without effort is one of the greatest ways to practice what you've been preaching. When moments you've shared are so important to you, for reasons only they can understand. Tell them. Or when there's nothing to talk about. But, especially when you arrive at an obstacle in life that has surely destroyed the bond between others. Being present, honestly looking within and keeping your intentions pure and selfless for a truly good outcome will give you results that you'll literally feel yourself grow from! You'll witness another person grow as well. Spiritual change doesn't change the hurdles in life. It gives us freedom and the tools to face them. Love, understanding and pure intentions.

Live, love and give love.

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