Dawg Nation gets new anthem with 'The Bulldog Song'


University of Georgia football fans love their anthems and Chip Carter has added to the canon with “The Bulldog Song.”

Carter, a Conyers native who lives in Tampa, said the chorus to the song came to him while watching a mid-season UGA game in 2013.

He initially didn’t do anything with it.

Then, said Carter, “Last year, again mid-season, verses started popping in, one every Saturday for about a month. I've got a chain of emails from where ever I was in the country -- Georgia, L.A., Florida -- each with a verse.”

This summer, Carter hit Atomic Studios in Tampa with drummer Andrew Pellegrino (“regrettably a ‘Bama fan,” Carter joked) and recorded the catchy singalong in a day.

He also got a little help from David Barbe of Sugar and Drive-By Truckers fame, who offered “some game-changing recommendations on the mix.” Carter said Barbe’s suggestions were critical to the finished sound.

A video for "The Bulldog Song," which you can see below, was filmed in Athens and Atlanta. The song is also available for download purchase for $1.99, and is on  Carter's debut album, "Reluctant Cowboy."

Music, though, is secondary to his day job as video producer/marketing maven/Southeastern editor for The Produce News, an international publication dedicated to the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

But really, Carter has one primary goal for “The Bulldog Song”: “I'm really hopeful this becomes something meaningful to the Bulldog Nation.”

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