And, after eight days in Houston, here we are - Super Bowl LI

Credit: Mark Bradley

HOUSTON -- I'm sitting in the press box at the Super Bowl. I have a front-row seat. I'm a lucky guy. I'm also a sweaty guy.

You don't care about how long it took four AJC professionals -- esteemed colleagues Jennifer Brett, Darryl Orlando Ledbetter and Jeff Schultz, plus yours truly -- to walk from the TV compound, where we'd joined Zach Klein of WSB-TV to do a Championship Countdown on our many Cox platforms, the media entrance. You don't care, and I'm not sure: I lost count at the 10-mile marker.

But here we are, and thank heavens for that. We're hunkered down in the press box -- I'm on Row 1 near midfield -- and, having arrived last Sunday, I'm ready to go. Bring it on! Rise Up!

(Wait. Did I really say that? What the heck. It's the Super Bowl, y'all.)

Due to rampant confusion on my part, this post is no longer the official AJC Super Bowl Live Blog. That's now here. Please join me. Thanks, as ever, in advance.

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