A Week To Go

Congressional Democrats are probably somewhat excited about turning the calendar today to the month of September, for what they hope is a fresh start to the troublesome debate over health care policy.

August was supposed to be the month in which lawmakers from the Congress would seal the deal for the Democratic Party on a health care reform package.

Instead it was a month that found Democrats on the defensive at feisty town hall events over health care, and not getting ready to put the finishing touches on a health care bill.

Some of the stories outside the Beltway have been pretty interesting, as both parties have made unforced errors in recent weeks dealing with large crowds and assertive constituents.

You know that both sides are feeling the heat.

In a week, Congress will return to work, and we'll see then if this battle is going off the tracks or not for the Dems.

This would be a great time to be on the inside of the House Democratic leadership, to see what they're thinking in terms of strategy to get this bill over the finish line.

One main part of their job is going to be how to convince freshman Democrats and those in more conservative districts to go for this health care bill.

I'm getting antsy for everyone to get back to work, as are my colleagues in the press gallery.

Like I always say, the best stories to cover in the Congress are the ones where you don't know what's going to happen.  And that is certainly true of this health care debate.

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