Another Cabinet Problem On the Horizon?

If you think that the withdrawal of Tom Daschle for the job of Secretary of Health and Human Services is the last time Republicans will battle President Obama over his initial Cabinet choices, you might be wrong.

While Obama now needs to fill the job at Health and Human Services, and wait for hearings on Sen. Judd Gregg for Commerce Secretary, there is still one other unfilled job, that at the Labor Department.

Rep. Hilda Solis of California was one of the first Cabinet choices to have a confirmation hearing, but since then she's been on hold.

And Republicans aren't acting like they are going to let her come up for a vote soon.

One big problem for Solis was her performance in her confirmation hearing.  She gave some answers with huge Swiss Cheese holes and was very vague on other answers to real policy questions.

Solis really has no big constituency right now, other than the Hispanic Community.  She's not very well known, like Daschle.  While Labor is important, it's not like being Treasury Secretary or anything.

Before yesterday, I would have said that Solis would be confirmed by the Senate sooner or later.

But now, Republicans may be feeling their oats after watching Daschle withdraw his name.

We'll see.

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