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All-region teams: Dylan Fromm named 1-AAAAA player of the year

Here is the all-region team for 1-AAAAA, as voted by the league's coaches:

Player of the year: QB Dylan Fromm, Warner Robins, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: WR Marcayll Jones, Warner Robins, Jr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Roman Harrison, Bainbridge, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK Daniel Gibbs, Veterans, So.

First-team offense 

QB - Sebastian Verger, Veterans, Sr.

RB - Cyrus Zuell, Veterans, Sr.

RB - Jahlen Rutherford, Warner Robins, So.

WR - Tailique Williams, Harris County, Jr.

WR - Ty Carr, Warner Robins, Jr.

WR - Devin Brown, Warner Robins, Jr.

TE - Ty Chambers, Veterans, Jr.

OL - Mannasseh Thompson, Warner Robins, Jr.

OL - Austin Williams, Veterans, Sr.

OL - Chris Hardaway, Harris County, Sr.

OL - Garrett Harrell, Thomas County Central, Jr.

OL - Jacob McLaughlin, Bainbridge, Sr.

PK - Craig Suber, Harris County, So.

First-team defense 

DL - Caleb Thomas, Warner Robins, Sr.

DL - Jalon Shine, Veterans, Jr.

DL - Chris Carson, Warner Robins, Sr.

DL - Hyson Holiday, Veterans, Jr.

LB - Ahmad Walker, Warner Robins, So.

LB - Christian Anderson, Warner Robins, Sr.

LB - Demarcus Robinson, Warner Robins, So.

LB - Randy Fillingame, Bainbridge, Sr.

DB - Tykeem Wallace, Thomas County Central, So.

DB - Trey Franklin, Warner Robins, Sr.

DB - Jacob Pierce, Veterans, Sr.

DB - Java'n Singletary, Veterans, Sr.

DB - Jatavious Bryant, Warner Robins, Jr.

P - Parker Lee, Veterans, Sr.

Second-team offense 

QB - Quayde Hawkins, Bainbridge, So.

RB - Quay Edwards, Thomas County Central, Sr.

RB - Caleb McDowell, Bainbridge, So.

WR - Cordell Clark, Veterans, Sr.

WR - Dennard Wyche, Thomas County Central, Jr.

WR - Aaron Spivie, Bainbridge, Sr.

TE - Bowen Dodson, Bainbridge, Sr.

OL - Ben Wilhelm, Thomas County Central, Sr.

OL - Brad Mitchell, Bainbridge, Sr.

OL - Jahmere Bryant, Warner Robins, Jr.

OL - Jermaine Rountree, Veterans, Sr.

OL - Austyn Curington, Harris County, Sr.

Second-team defense 

DL - Nick Richey, Harris County, Jr.

DL - Jaylen Dunbar, Thomas County Central, Sr.

DL - Ryan Perez, Veterans, So.

DL - Javar Jordan, Warner Robins, So.

LB - Lebron Fields, Veterans, So.

LB - Maverick Crownhart-Swan, Harris County, Sr.

LB - Darian Daniels, Thomas County Central, Sr.

LB - Bryce Worthy, Bainbridge, Sr.

DB - Jordan Jones, Thomas County Central, So.

DB - Sebastian Russell, Harris County, Sr.

DB - Deyon Bouie, Bainbridge, Fr.

DB - Jaheim Jenkins, Bainbridge, Jr.

DB - Devin Hughes, Veterans, Jr.

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