Greetings from Dublin

Credit: Ken Sugiura

Credit: Ken Sugiura

Jeff Schultz and I arrived in Dublin around 8:30 a.m. local time Wednesday morning after leaving Atlanta Tuesday afternoon and connecting through Paris. Much to my chagrin, I only slept a couple hours, the first hour or so upon leaving Atlanta and then a little bit of the second leg between Paris and Dublin.

I like Dublin so far. The weather is sunny but cool, although I'm told that it's supposed to rain on game day.

Jeff and I went over this morning to Aviva Stadium, not far from our hotel in the city center. It’s a beautiful stadium and I got an inside look thanks to a visit with Tech equipment staffer Punt Windham (story to come) and a field crew staffer named Paddy (yes, his name is Paddy) Newman.

More to come.