Report confirms Atlanta has some of the world's worst traffic

Credit: David Wickert

Credit: David Wickert

In case the bumper-to-bumper traffic isn’t enough to convince you that Atlanta has some of the world’s worst traffic, a new analysis confirms it.

The 2017 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, released today, shows Atlanta has the eighth-worst traffic congestion in the world for the second consecutive year. According to the report, available online here, metro Atlanta drivers wasted an average of 70 hours in traffic congestion during rush hour last year. They spent 10 percent of their driving time in congestion.

INRIX, a transportation analytics firm, collected data from 300 million connected cars and devices to study congestion in 1,360 cities worldwide. It found Los Angeles was the most-congested city for the sixth consecutive year, followed by Moscow, New York, Sao Paolo and San Francisco.

The report says congestion cost U.S. drivers nearly $305 Billion in 2017, an average of $1,445 per driver.

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