How bad is Atlanta traffic? It depends on how you look at it

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday, a new report has confirmed Atlanta has some of the world's worst traffic.

The INRIX 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard found metro Atlanta commuters wasted an average of 70 hours in traffic congestion during rush hour last year. That was enough to land us at No. 8 on INRIX’s international list of cities with the worst traffic congestion. Here are the top 10 cities and the hours their commuters wasted in congestion in 2017:

Los Angeles                102

Moscow                       91

New York                    91

Sao Paulo                    86

San Francisco             79

Bogota                          75

London                         74

Atlanta                         70

Paris                              69

Miami                           64

But there’s another way to rank the cities that shows Atlanta commuters don’t have it as bad as those in many other cities.

According to INRIX, Atlanta drivers spent 10 percent of their overall driving time stuck in traffic congestion. That’s not great, but it could be a lot worse. Among major international cities, Atlanta didn’t even crack the top 50, coming in at No. 57. The worst international city, by this ranking: Bogata, where drivers spent 30 percent of their time stuck in traffic congestion.

You can read the full INRIX report here.

You can read more about Atlanta traffic – and what state and local officials are doing to address it – by reading our full story here.