Federal funding crisis stalls four major Cobb County roadwork projects

Congress' failure to pass a long-term transportation funding bill is stalling the state's plans to repair and improve roads and bridges.

The funding crisis is expected to stall funding for at least four major Cobb County projects that were scheduled to start in December. The projects are:

  • A $1 million project to improve the fencing of I-75 at Cumberland Boulevard near Cumberland Mall
  • A $3 million project to improve the intersections of SR-3 (also known as U.S. Route 41) at Windy Hills Road near Smyrna
  • A $1.3 million project to add right turn lanes and traffic signals at the intersection of SR-5/Atlanta Street and SR-120/S. Marietta Pkwy in Marietta
  • A $260 thousand project to add a westbound right turn lane along SR 3 Conn. from the intersection of SR 3 (US 41/Cobb Pkwy) to Radar Circle near Marietta

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