Snoop Dogg "shoots" Trump character in new music video

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Snoop Dogg points a fake gun at a character dressed as a clown-President Donald Trump character and pulls the trigger in his new video. It's the kind of toy gun that unfurls a little flag that says "BANG!" so the segment is pointed without being graphic. Earlier in the video, though, a police officer, also dressed as a clown, shoots a motorist after a traffic stop while a passerby films it on his cell phone.

The profanity ridden video directed by  Jesse Wellens and James DeFina features a "Ronald Klump" as the head clown in chief, running a country of clowns.

The actual president hasn't yet responded via Twitter, his favorite form of widespread communication, but his one-time rival, Sen. Marco Rubio, told TMZ, "Snoop shouldn't have done that ... You know, we've had presidents assassinated before in this country."

Author and commentator Eric Schiffer, CEO of, was more pointed in his assessment:

"This isn't 'art'" he said. "It's a brainless, federal offense all because Snoop Dogg's failing career is desperate. Snoop's 'clowning' is playing with fire. "  

The work isn't at all SFW so here's a link instead of an embed. Make sure you have your headphones on unless you're sure your colleagues won't mind a bunch of MF bombs.

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