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Sharon Osbourne says cop suing Elton John is a "nut job" after money

Sharon Osbourne says the Los Angeles Police Department captain suing her close friend Elton John , for whom he once worked as a private security guard, is a "nut job" who's simply looking for a payday. Plus, she said, he's not even John's type.

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"I think it’s another case of somebody suing somebody who is a very wealthy public figure. It’s just money, money, money," Osbourne said during an interview on the CBS show The Talk. "The situation is he was let go in 2014. Why did he take so long to issue proceedings?"

The lawsuit, filed Monday by Capt. Jeffrey Wenningeralleges groping and sexually suggestive comments.

Osbourne scoffed at the notion that John, 69, could overpower his hired gun.

"This guy is a policeman. He was employed as a security guard. I’m sure if this had happened he would have had no trouble pushing Sir Elton John away," Osbourne said. "He’s a cop. He’s a security guard. Give me a break."

As to the idea that Wenninger was unable to break away from John's grasp, she said, "Well then you shouldn’t be a policeman. You’re no good."

Osbourne said she had met Wenninger on several occasions.

"He’s a bit of a nut job I suppose. That’s just my opinion," she said, noting the many charitable endeavors John supports.

"He gives every year to police forces all over the world," she said.  "Give the guy a break."

Finally, Osbourne said John (who is married to David Furnish with whom he shares two children) wouldn't find Wenninger appealing.

"Really. You’re not his type," she said. "Have you looked in the mirror? He can get much better than you."

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