Jane Fonda celebrates turning 77 with new workout DVD launch

Jane Fonda, who turns 77 next week, is celebrating with a DVD launch of her famous workout video. She talked about the importance of "Jane Fonda's Workout" during a visit to Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

"Timing is everything," Fonda said. "Prior to my first workout tape there was no video industry because it cost too much to buy the hardware to play it. My video came out and suddenly a lot of poeple said, oh, I want to use that over and over and it was worth their spending the money to get the hardware. It really launched the video industry. Plus it launched women being OK with muscles. Back then if a woman went to a health club there would be a gym for men and nothing for women. We were not supposed to be strong and fit."

Here's a video clip from the visit:

The phenomenally fit Fonda was in Atlanta recently for the annual Captain Planet Foundation, launched by her former husband and now good friend Ted Turner and now run by his daughter Laura Turner Seydel.