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Days after shooting New York Times, Erick Erickson blasts Gawker

Days after his bullet-ridden New York Times went viral, talk show host and pundit Erick Erickson is figuratively blasting a Gawker report.

Erick Erickson. Photo: WSB

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"It’s people who are upset I put holes in their precious Bible, the New York Times," he said on his radio show Wednesday night.  He called Gawker "the cesspool of the Internet."

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Following up on a tweet from Erickson saying his parents didn't let him eat Asian food on Dec. 7 (Pearl Harbor Day), a Gawker reporter tracked down Erickson's mom. "I've never heard that before," Mrs. Erickson told the reporter.

In a response tweet, Erickson lambasted the attempt to "attack" him by questioning his mother, whose memory may not be what it once was.

"She’s 73," Erickson said on air Wednesday. "She doesn’t remember."

He said the story was intended to be "about how I was raised by racists" and that when his mother said she couldn't recall the bit about Asian food on Pearl Harbor Day the story focus pivoted.

He read an email from his mom saying she had wished the Gawker reported a Merry Christmas and said she would add him to her prayer list:

"Son, some guy named Trotter. . .last name. . called me from NY and first of all wanted to know if I was your mother and asked if it was true that we don’t eat Asian food on Pearl Harbor Day! I told him we love Asian food and I have some lovely friends who are part Japanese but that I thought the significance of Pearl Harbor Day is sadly fading in the memories of too many folks but that I’m thankful many Japanese have accepted Christ as their Savior. . .I did talk to the guy and told him he must be a lonely man to call way down here. Anyway, I did talk to him but never said I was your mother. I asked him what he thought about the man Jesus Christ and in the end, told him I’d add him to my prayer list and that he should keep trying to contact you, who are a good Christian. I do pray for this man that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and I wished him a Merry Christmas. Just thought you should know. I guess I should have hung up on him. He called back the second time; that’s when I told him I’d add him to my prayer list and wished him a Merry Christmas.

I pray the weather will be good and not too bothersome. We keep you in our prayers. Love you. Mom"

"Oh gracious," Erickson chuckled at the start of Wednesday's show. "I didn't intend to be the news today."

The food flap follows Erickson's viral image of the front-page New York Times editorial calling for more gun control following the San Bernrdino shootings.

"I hope everyone will join me in posting pictures of bullet holes in the New York Times editorial," Erickson posted with this photo. "Send them your response. Put them on Instagram and use the hashtag for my radio show and I may give you a shoutout."

“This is what I think of the New York Times editorial (Saturday),” posted Erickson. “The United States suffered its worst terrorist attacks since September 11 and the New York Times’ response is that all law-abiding citizens need their guns taken away. Screw them. The New York Times wants you to be sitting ducks for a bunch of arms jihadists who the New York Times thinks no doubt got that way because of the United States.”


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