Cobb County man seeks wife/girlfriend in exchange for free rent, wi-fi and food

A Cobb County man looking for love has posted a Craigslist ad offering free rent, wi-fi, cable and other amenities to the lady of his dreams.

"You'll have the whole front bathroom to yourself," he says. "You'll not have to pay for rent, wifi, power, cable TV [I have all 8 HBO channels] garbage service or food!"

Credit: Jennifer Brett

Credit: Jennifer Brett

The poster describes himself as "caring, compassionate, considerate, dependable, detailed [in case you can not tell yet!] gentle, intelligent, loyal, outspoken, reasonable, touchy-feely, trustworthy and witty."

He's retired and sells concert tickets and owns his home free and clear. He offers a range of enticements to his potential match:

"If you do not have a vehicle we can find you a good used one. If your credit is bad I can teach you how to rebuild it. If you have no credit score we can build it pretty quick... I have a pair of 2016 Atlanta Falcons season tickets. I also have 2017 season tix for both the Falcons AND Braves at their new stadiums! Did I mention I have all 8 HBO channels yet?!"

He doesn't drink. He doesn't mind ladies who do, in moderation.

"You must not be an alcoholic, not into illegal drugs, not smoke, not have unresolved felonies and not have a warrant out for your arrest," he says. "Other than that we can talk about past issues BUT, you must be honest from day one."

His thoroughly detailed post says he's a Christian but doesn't regularly attend services, enjoys photography and playing pool, is "pro-gun" but doesn't hunt and isn't an NRA member. "My record is clean except for traffic tickets and a V.K.O. [Violation of Knife Ordinance] citation in the 80s," he writes.

To be clear, he's looking for a commitment: "You will live in my nice 1967 brick ranch home with me as my girlfriend and possibly be my wife later if you want."

Update: The ad has been flagged for removal by Craigslist.