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Bobby Brown says he once had sex with a ghost in Georgia

Bobby Brown's Tuesday interview with Robin Roberts, an exclusive sit-down timed to promote his new memoir, "Every Little Step," was billed as an in-depth discussion about the death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina , its tragic similarities to the death of her mom, Whitney Houston, and his various personal highs and lows over the years. Almost right away he revealed a tidbit some viewers might not have anticipated: he says he once had sex with a ghost in Georgia.

Bobby Brown discusses his daughter Bobbi Kristina's death and his new memoir "Every Little Step" during a "20/20" interview with Robin Roberts. Photo ABC/ Rick Rowell

"You had sex with a ghost? .. Come on, man," Roberts said.

He didn't go into many details, only that he went to sleep and woke up in the middle of a supernatural sex act.

"I had moved into this house. I bought this mansion in Georgia," he said. "This was a really, really spooky place," he said, before describing the liaison with a paramour from the afterlife.

"I wasn't high. I wasn't tripping," Brown stressed.

Who was the amorous spirit? Who knows. The interview quickly moved into other areas, focusing largely on details about his late ex-wife and daughter.

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The interview touched on Brown's many brushes with the law as his wife rocketed to international stardom, then the couple's joint drug use. Although he said both he and Whitney developed a daily drug habit, he said he was assiduous in trying to block little Bobbi Kristina from it. She was cared for by nannies while Bobby and Whitney would shut themselves off in a wing of their house to indulge their habits.

"I always made it a point to not let (Bobbi Kristina) see me or my wife in that type of situation," he said.

The last few years of their marriage were "a big struggle" in terms of their drug use, he said. It took going to jail for him to clean up for good, he said.

Brown said he hadn't touched narcotics in 10 to 12 years but that he still drinks some.

He acknowledged striking his former wife on one occasion but said he was not abusive. Ultimately, it was her refusal to quit drugs that dissolved their 14-year marriage, he said.

Whitney Houston died at 48 in February 2012 after being discovered unresponsive in a Beverly Hills bathtub.

Brown said he walked out of Whitney's funeral because he was being "disrespected" by security guards. Bobbi Kristina drifted away from him and other Brown family members following her mother's death.

Several Brown family members appeared in complementary interview clips, casting aspersions on the decision to film "The Houstons: On Our Own" Lifetime reality show so soon after Whitney's death.

Almost exactly three years after Whitney's death, his daughter Bobbi Kristina was found in tragically similar circumstances. Bobbi Kristina was discovered unresponsive in the bathtub of her North Fulton townhouse and rushed to the hospital. She never regained consciousness and died at age 22 on July 26, 2015.

"The last thing I told her: 'It's OK to let go.' The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell my daughter to let go," Brown said.

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He said she had been planning to move to Los Angeles to join him right before the medical emergency that ultimately led to her death.

The "20/20" interview noted that no one has been criminally charged in connection to Bobbi Kristina's death and that a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by her estate against her companion Nick Gordon.

Gordon’s legal team has blasted the lawsuit as slanderous and meritless.

The lawsuit  alleges financial impropriety and severe physical harm .

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“He knows what happened,” Brown said. “I don’t know what happened that night, but he does.”

In March, Gordon’s legal team issued a statement saying her death was “was an accident… or even a suicide, but not a murder,” and sought an end to the specter of possible legal or criminal proceedings involving him.

The lawsuit was filed when Bobbi Kristina was still alive and amended after her death. Gordon’s legal team responded seeking a dismissal on numerous grounds – namely that the suit against him lists damning allegations but no police reports, affidavits or other backing evidence.

Brown also said he has not been to his daughter's grave.

The interview ended on a happy note, with Bobby and Robin playing the piano and singing together, hanging out in kitchen where he loves to cook, and Bobby's wife Alicia talking about her husband's character strengths and future plans. He's working on remaining sober and would like to act and record more music.

"I'm probably going to do one more album," he said. "It's what I love to do: entertain. I love to be on stage. If you have a good time, I'm going to have a good time."


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