MLS Power Poll wraps up the regular season

Photos from the match between Atlanta United and New England Revolution at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday October 6, 2019. (Photo by AJ Reynolds/Atlanta United)
Photos from the match between Atlanta United and New England Revolution at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday October 6, 2019. (Photo by AJ Reynolds/Atlanta United)

Here are the results of the final MLS Power Poll for the regular season:

1. LAFC (21-4-9) 

Last week: 1.

Defeated Colorado 3-1.

It set a new record for points, but this team can’t be considered the best of all time unless it wins the MLS Cup.

I’m still skeptical that its shaky defense will hold up in the playoffs, particularly against either Minnesota or L.A. Galaxy.


2. NYCFC (18-6-10) 

Last week: 2.

Won at Philadelphia 2-1.

A fantastic team, but it will be dealing with injury issues. The good thing is it has a few weeks to get those players back.


3. Atlanta United (18-12-4) 

Last week: 3.

Defeated New England 3-1.

The first half of Sunday’s game felt like this year’s Atlanta United. The second half felt like last year’s Atlanta United. That’s a good thing if you support Atlanta United. It will host New England in its first playoff game.


4. Philadelphia (16-11-7) 

Last week: 4.

Defeated by NYCFC 2-1.

A team that is limping into the playoffs with consecutive losses in must-win games. It will host the New York Red Bulls in its first playoff game.


5. Real Salt Lake (16-13-5) 

Last week: 7.

Won at Vancouver 1-0.

I’m higher on this team than I think others may be because I like its ability to win one-on-one battles.


6. Seattle (16-10-8) 

Last week: 8.

Defeated Minnesota 1-0.

An aging team that needs an infusion of youth and speed in key spots. It will host Dallas in the first round of the playoffs.


7. Minnesota (15-11-8) 

Last week: 5.

Lost at Seattle 1-0.

Fun to watch this franchise follow a plan and become a playoff contender. It will host the L.A. Galaxy in the first round of the playoffs.


8. L.A. Galaxy (16-15-3) 

Last week: 6.

Defeated at Houston 4-2.

MLS Cup teams don’t lose at home to Vancouver and they don’t lose at Houston. It will play at Minnesota in the first round of the playoffs.


9. Toronto (13-10-11) 

Last week: 11.

Defeated Columbus 1-0.

I’m nowhere near as high on this team as others, but it seems likely that its going to open at least one DP spot for next year. It will host D.C. United in the first round of the playoffs.

10. D.C. United (13-10-11) 

Last week: 9.

Draw with Cincinnati 0-0.

I think this team needs changes across the board, particularly if it loses Luciano Acosta. It will play at Toronto in the first round of the playoffs.


11. New York Red Bulls (14-14-6) 

Last week: 10.

Defeated at Montreal 3-0.

A roster overhaul seems likely in the offseason. It will play at Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs.


12. Portland (14-13-7) 

Last week: 12.

Defeated San Jose 3-1.

Team is a striker away from competing for MLS Cup next year. It will play at Real Salt Lake in the first round of the playoffs.


13. New England (11-11-12) 

Last week: 13.

Lost at Atlanta United 3-1.

Will the Krafts invest more in this roster and its support structure to help it move back into the upper tier of MLS clubs?


14. Dallas (13-12-9) 

Last week: 16.

Defeated Sporting KC 6-0.

Maturity is all this club needs to become contender.


15. San Jose (13-16-5) 

Last week: 14.

Lost at Portland 3-1.

What now for this franchise, which may lose Matias Almeyda? It would be a massive setback.


16. Colorado (12-16-6) 

Last week: 15.

Lost at LAFC 3-1.

I like the direction of this club. Really.


17. Columbus (10-16-8) 

Last week: 17.

Lost at Toronto 1-0.

It’s really difficult to tell what this club needs to do to improve in the offseason. Depth would be a good start. Interest from supporters is another.

18. Chicago (10-12-12) 

Last week: 20.

Won at Orlando 5-2.

This team should receive the spotlight that Atlanta United and LAFC received the past two years. It’s moving downtown and seems poised to make a lot of impactful, positive changes to its front office and roster.


19. Houston (12-18-4) 

Last week: 21.

Defeated L.A. Galaxy 4-2.

A critical offseason for this team because it seems likely to lose most of its stars. Its already lost the attention of the city.


20. Sporting KC (10-16-8) 

Last week: 18.

Lost at Dallas 6-0.

Peter Vermes should stay as manager. Vermes should no longer be allowed to acquire players.


21. Montreal (12-17-5) 

Last week: 22.

Defeated New York Red Bulls 3-0.

Some speed up top would make a huge difference for this club. And a better manager.


22. Orlando (9-15-10) 

Last week: 19.

Defeated by Chicago 5-2.

It just fired yet another coach after yet another playoff-less season. Its fans deserve better.


23. Vancouver (8-16-10) 

Last week: 23.

Defeated by Real Salt Lake 1-0.

A horrible team that needs talent infusions all over the roster.


24. Cincinnati (6-22-6) 

Last week: 24.

Draw at D.C. United 0-0.

Its front office needs to spent a lot of time talking to Minnesota’s because the first-year issues of each club spookily mirrored each other.

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