Which Atlanta dish are we obsessed with this week?

You know how sometimes you have a day where you get trapped in an hour-and-a-half of hell traffic on 285 and you come home to find the dog pooped on the carpet and that you're all out of wine and all you want to do is stuff your face with something delicious and bad for you?

It's for days like these dishes that dishes like the jalapeno corn fritters at the recently-opened The Brass Tap in Dunwoody were created.

Fried to a golden crisp in a sweet-ish batter reminiscent of funnel cake, the greasy balls of goodness are the ultimate in comfort food. Corn kernels provide some fun texture and are offset by the kick of jalapeno.

Served with a sweet chili sauce and a (superior) Peppawdew ranch sauce studded with minced red peppers, the dish is carnival food done right. It's got a touch of the gourmet about it, but doesn't take itself too seriously. And after a long day, doesn't that type of food fit the bill?

As a bonus, the $6.99 starter includes eight bocce-ball sized fritters, making it a bargain to boot. Go ahead -- treat yourself.