What are concession prices at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the 2017 season?

With opening day of Mercedes-Benz Stadium just weeks away, Atlanta sports fans have one more thing to get excited about at the new venue: concessions.

Concessions at the stadium, which will be home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC , will be affordable. Think: $2 for nonalcoholic beverages like Coca-Cola (and with unlimited refills) or for a hot dog, popcorn or pretzel. A slice of pizza will cost $3. A cheeseburger will run $5, the same price for a 12-ounce domestic beer, such as Bud Light, on draft.

Items on the core concession menu, which consists of the above products, as well as typical fan favorites like waffle fries, nachos or a basket of chicken tenders with a basket of fries, will all range in price from $2 to $6.

The reason for the low pricing say stadium officials, is because it wants fans to have the best game-day experience possible.

"We overpay at every stadium, ballpark, arena. We grudgingly accept it or we complain," said Mike Gomes, AMB Sports & Entertainment Group's senior vice president of fan experience. "Our Fan-First menu extends to every item on all menus across concessions. Every item has a fan-first approach - not stadium pricing, but fan-first pricing."

Credit: Ligaya Figueras

Credit: Ligaya Figueras

In what is a first for a major sports facility, Fan First pricing will not only apply to every item in the stadium, but also to every event that takes place there, including the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, SEC Championship game, the College Football National Championship coming in 2018 and the NCAA Men's Final Four in 2020. In short, prices are not going to be jacked up for highly anticipated events.

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