Tom Catherall changes Tom Tom restaurant name due to legal battle with Here to Serve Restaurants

One year after all of the Here to Serve Restaurants suddenly shut down en masse , the saga is still not over. Its former owner, Tom Catherall, is changing the name and concept of his current restaurant, Tom Tom , due to ongoing legal battles with Here to Serve Restaurants.

The most recent court hearing determined that rights to the name Tom Tom were owned by Here to Serve.

Catherall’s ex-wife, Leigh Catherall, is the president and COO of Here to Serve Restaurants.

Effective Oct. 19, Tom Tom, which referenced Tom Catherall's childhood nickname , will be re-branded as Taco Cowboy. It will still operate out of the former Noche space at 1000 Virginia Avenue in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood. There will be no service interruption during the change.

Compared to the Tom Tom menu, the food at Taco Cowboy will focus on more tacos, tequilas, and small plates as well as with bigger steaks.

“I’ll still have my Tom’s $5 margaritas made with cheap tequila and fresh lime juice as well as the existing taco menu,” Catherall said. He also stated that the “cowboy” element meant “offering a larger steak presence” and a “more relaxed attitude.”


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Credit: Ligaya Figueras

Credit: Ligaya Figueras

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