This Oak Grove neighborhood spot serves a simple Southern classic

Dish of the Week: Fried green tomatoes at Sprig

Near the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Lavista Road in the Decatur area, a cluster of beloved neighborhood restaurants has grown up with little fanfare, but plenty of support from locals. Among this collection of dining spots, Sprig is one of the more adult-friendly places — a restaurant with lots of good bourbon and familiar food.

Sprig’s lovely, refreshingly untrendy appetizer of fried green tomatoes exemplifies the characteristics that make the restaurant such a stalwart neighborhood favorite.

Fried green tomatoes may not be on the culinary cutting edge, but there’s something to be said for bucking trends in favor of food you enjoy. Sprig’s fried green tomatoes are comforting and, most importantly, well-executed.

One way you know you have a superior version of this classic Southern dish is when the fried coating actually sticks to the firm, slippery flesh of the unripened tomatoes. Sprig’s kitchen nails this test; you’d think their tomatoes were plucked from the stems already breaded. Creamy, funky goat cheese offsets the crispy breading and tart tomatoes, while a bit of chipotle ranch adds a hint of smoky spice.

Share this appetizer at your own risk, because it tends to disappear quickly once your dining companions get a taste.

Sprig and its sister spot, 1910 Tavern in Lilburn, aren’t that well-known outside of their respective neighborhoods. Inside those areas, though, the restaurants are cherished, thanks in part to their willingness to ignore trends.

Like fried green tomatoes, Sprig always will be somebody’s favorite.

Sprig Restaurant. 2860 Lavista Road, Decatur. 404-424-9700,


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