The New Orleans Sazerac — The Film

Atlanta drinks explorer James Martin of The Sipologist blog is planning to direct a short documentary on the history of the Sazerac cocktail in its birthplace, New Orleans, during Tales of the Cocktail later this month.

"Not only do I love making films, but I also deeply appreciate the artistry of a well-made cocktail," Martin says. "Through my site, I've experimented with my own cocktail recipes, interviewed some of the best bartenders out there, and researched the origins of the most beloved beverages. Through this process I inevitably came across the Sazerac, whose own evolution and story is full of folklore and magic."

You can meet Martin, who has been crowdfunding a portion of the funds needed to finance the film, tonight from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Sweet Auburn Barbecue, during an Urban Explorers  New Orleans Sazerac Soirée , where he'll be behind the bar demonstrating how the classic cocktail is made.