Is the Grandma Pie the perfect pizza to make at home?

Call it Grandma Pie. Or Grandma Pizza. Suddenly, one of the simplest and most homespun of Italian-American creations has become something of an anti-trendy craze, spreading from its Long Island roots to pizzerias in Brooklyn, Manhattan and beyond.

In Atlanta, O4W Pizza took on the mantle of "Home of the Grandma Pie" after several publications declared it the very best pizza in the city.

His pie beating out Neapolitan-style pizzas that had previously enjoyed cult-like devotion was a big surprise to Anthony Spina, the pizza maker from New Jersey who moved to Atlanta and opened O4W in early 2015.

“Up north, it’s a specialty pie,” Spina said. “Here it’s 70-percent of my sales. It’s crazy.”

Maybe even more surprising, though, Spina thinks the Grandma Pie is the easiest pizza to make at home.

“That’s why it’s named the Grandma Pie," he said. "You don’t need to have real pizza making skills."

But there are a few tricks for getting the right combination of crust, sauce and cheese.

Check out our recipes for the Grandma Pie, along with tips from Spina, and a video of the pizza maker putting it all together, from the dough to the oven, in the kitchen at O4W. 

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