A surprise ingredient helps this Buckhead summer dish stand out

Credit: Henri Hollis

Credit: Henri Hollis

Dish of the Week — Gulf red snapper at Mission + Market

Such a beautiful restaurant encourages high expectations, though that doesn’t always result in creativity, surprise and delight. However, if you order Mission + Market’s summery Gulf red snapper, you’ll find that you actually can have it all.

The snapper is executed perfectly. Inside crispy skin is tender, juicy fish. It’s wonderful, but the bed of bright green risotto it sits on is what really sets the dish apart.

The herbed risotto is infused with pureed bok choy, which imparts the subtle but distinct flavor of green tea and adds a woodsy, natural touch to the dish. Tenderly cooked maitake mushrooms add to the mood. The earthy yet summery flavors bring to mind a forest path on a sunny day: shady, green and calm, yet full of life.

It’s the mark of an excellent fine-dining experience when you can feel pampered and surprised at the same time. Try the red snapper at Mission + Market, and you’ll be impressed — not just with the opulence, but also with the way your high expectations are exceeded.