Sobban in Decatur closing

Shrimp and Grits with miso kale, bacon, makgeolli butter sauce and cheddar cheese at Sobban.(BECKY STEIN PHOTOGRAPHY.COM)

Credit: Yvonne Zusel

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Shrimp and Grits with miso kale, bacon, makgeolli butter sauce and cheddar cheese at Sobban.(BECKY STEIN PHOTOGRAPHY.COM)

Credit: Yvonne Zusel

Credit: Yvonne Zusel

Sobban, the Korean-meets-Southern spot in Decatur from chef-owners Cody Taylor and Jiyeon Lee, will close its doors this month after two years in business, the restaurant's house manager confirmed.

Taylor and Lee are reportedly closing Sobban in order to focus on opening a second location of their popular Atlanta restaurant Heirloom Market BBQ in South Korea, where Lee is from.

The restaurant opened to much fanfare in 2013. According to former AJC food writer John Kessler, "There are fewer than 40 seats inside Sobban...that hasn't stopped the crowds that (mostly) wait patiently to try this exciting new restaurant — one whose time most definitely has come."

Lee addressed the closing in a statement on the restaurant's Facebook page:

"I am so sorry to say that I am closing Sobban.... Heirloom is my first son and Sobban is my little is painful...

Credit: Yvonne Zusel

Credit: Yvonne Zusel

Ever since I cooked as a professional cook I dreamed about restaurant like Sobban. Korean influenced Western food. Some people said fusion confusion but it is a new style of cuisine to me. It is such a challange and difficult to pairing like a international marriage. Food is a culture. Create a harmony with two different cultures not easy. Language barrier in a real relationship sometimes frustrated but there some good things about it 'Silence is gold' ~~~ But realistic world needs more than that.

I was trying to express myself and speak with my food through Sobban but there was some barriers and mistakes that I made.

I never had a chance to express myself as a cook when I worked for somebody. There is not much chances for female cooks... but I luckily had a chance in the kitchen at Sobban. I really appreciated who had my food at Sobban and gave me a opportunity to show my heart.

Closing Sobban is so painful but my girl is in my heart and I will take care of her and one day I will bring her out to the world again....

I am truly sorry to Sobban's loyal customers. Thank you... and love you all. God bless you.

- Chef Jiyeon Lee"

Lee and Taylor took over the lease at 1788 Clairmont Road after retro Southern diner Kitsch’n 155 closed in 2013. The building also previously served as an Arby's.

Former AJC food writer Jon Watson awarded Sobban three out of five stars when he reviewed it in 2014: "Lee and Taylor's fresh take on the cuisine consistently proves to be delicious and fun, and presents you with flavor combinations you won't find anywhere else in the city. Definitely worth the trip."

See a gallery of the restaurant here.

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