7 Reasons to Try Bamboo Juices


Credit: Alexa Lampasona

Credit: Alexa Lampasona

If the sight of food makes your stomach churn because of last week’s overindulgences, you’re not alone. Americans consume more than 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving day. That’s nearly twice the daily dietary requirements. What’s this mean? This week, we’re thinking of eating clean. And while juices seem cliche, Bamboo Juices out of Atlanta is carving out their own unique juice path. Here are seven fun facts about Bamboo Juices. 

1. Founder and CEO Kelley Sibley is not just a successful businesswoman

. She studied anthropology and spent 15 years traveling around the world to study the cultures and people who live in “blue zones."

2. Speaking of blue zones, what are they?

These are zones where people live independently past the age of 100. Sibley looked at diets and lifestyles of these people and used that to influence her juice recipes.

3. Five is the magic number.

When you add more than five ingredients into a juice, it becomes harder to digest. Sibley and The Farmhouse at Serenbe executive chef Thaddeus Barton researched different food combinations to develop each drink and make sure they were both a healthy tonic and a tasty drink.

4. India-inspired ingredients.

Many of the juices include ingredients from India, such as the Honey Turmeric that reduces inflammation and soothes the stomach. They use medicinal mushroom coffee for the Coffee Almond milk, which both energizes and acts as a stomach stimulant.

5. About those digestive benefits...

Bamboo Juices focuses on alkalizing the body, which helps to rebalance and your body. In addition to the juices above, both Sweet Fennel and Spinach Apple will reset your digestive system and get you back on track. Sibley suggests adding other alkalizers to water such as apple cider vinegar and lemon.

vitamins and minerals. All Bamboo Juices are cold-pressed by this method.

 7. And the production facility is local to Atlanta

. All the cold-pressed juices are made locally in Serenbe.

Interested in getting your Bamboo Juices? Order online by 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday or Thursday and you’ll receive juices the next day. Since they aren’t pasteurized, consume them within three days. 

And if you want to support other local juices, try out:

-  a chewable juice filled with 45 essential ingredients.

- has several local shops around town and a 21-day cleanse program.

- another local shop in Inman Park that serves up cold-pressed, organic juices and “shots".

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Credit: Alexa Lampasona

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Credit: Alexa Lampasona