3 questions with Thomas Lucas of One Eared Stag

Who’s your chef?

Thomas Lucas, chef de cuisine at One Eared Stag shares what he does before and after his work day, his favorite restaurants in Atlanta—besides the one he works for, of course—and more in this edition of “3 questions with.”

What’s does your typical day entail?

I wake up, have coffee and read emails from Go Highbrow, a course-based website that sends messages based on subjects I select. Currently, I’m reading one about productivity. By 11 a.m., I’m at work and in the kitchen checking the inventory, planning the day’s menu and prepping dinner items like pork belly and duck confit since they take longer. Occasionally, at the end of the night, I’ll play poker.

What’s one thing on the current menu that you created?

I created the catfish brandade croquettes. I take local catfish, salt cure it for about a week then soak it fresh water. After, I cook it in milk and cream then blend it with cooked potatoes to create fritters. Finally, I lightly dust it in spiced flour and fry it.

What’s the greatest and most challenging thing about being a chef de cuisine?

It’s a double-edge sword. As a boss, I have the opportunity to create things and be the person to make calls [in the kitchen]. I [lead] with respect. The challenge is making sure those decisions are right.

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