Mini doughnut chain opening first Atlanta location this spring

Atlanta doughnuts are about to get the dapper treatment.

Las Vegas-based mini doughnut chain The Dapper Doughnut is set to open its first Atlanta location this March in Lenox Square's Fashion Cafe.

The spot -- which opened its first store in 2015 -- will offer hot mini cake-style doughnuts with 14 different toppings and sugars including powdered sugar, s’mores and peanut butter. The Dapper Doughnut also has locations in Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Also set to open this spring in Lenox Square is Cousins Maine Lobster , a brick-and-mortar location of the food trucks made famous on TV show "Shark Tank." Cousins will be located across from ATL Taco, which recently opened in place of Bantam + Biddy.