Ladybird takes brunch to a new level

Dish of the week: The Woodsman's Breakfast from Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

Brunch is now available Friday through Sunday at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall. Besides extending its brunch service, it just launched a new menu.

One of the highlights is The Woodsman's Breakfast, which includes biscuits, eggs, bacon, smoked poblano sausage, pepper and potato hash, and chili rajas sauce. The menu states that The Woodsman serves two people, but when it arrives at the table it is clear that this feast on a wood plank could easily feed a group of four.

The Woodsman allows diners to pick and choose and mix or match as they please. Each element is delicious by itself but when layered together the flavors are amplified.

Perched on the Beltline at mile marker 9.25, Ladybird's outdoor area is the perfect spot for a midday meal under the sun - after your workout or perhaps as your workout.