Kevin Ouzts to open hot dog stand Frankly at Krog Street Market

Credit: Ligaya Figueras

Credit: Ligaya Figueras

As if Krog Street Market wasn't already buzzing, especially with new options like Ticonderoga Club , news comes that Chef Kevin and Megan Ouzts, the husband-and-wife team behind butchery-charcuterie shop  The Spotted Trotter  and meat-celebrating restaurant  The Cockentrice , are opening a hot dog stand. The stand, Frankly, will also be located in Krog Street Market at 99 Krog St., N.E., in Inman Park.  Frankly will open tomorrow, Oct. 30.

Frankly is situated next to The Spotted Trotter and will feature the shop's sausages, hot dogs and other franks-to-go. The tight menu will include a naked dog, naked sausage and a weiner and sausage of the week. Housemade chili and slaw are available for an upcharge. Customers can also visit the condiment station to squirt on Sir Kensington ketchup and mustard, Spotted Trotter's dog sauce or toppings like onions and relish.

“We’ve been making these wonderful hot dogs and sausages for five years now and selling them to everyone else with great results – honestly we’re not sure why the light bulb didn’t go off sooner," said Kevin Ouzts in a press release. "But now that we’ve settled in at Krog and have almost a year under our belts, the timing seemed right, and we are just so excited to give the visitors to Krog Street Market yet another way to get to know us and our products."

Editor's note: This post was updated Oct. 29 at 6:22 to reflect an opening date of Oct. 30.