Kale Me Crazy: By the Numbers


Credit: Alexa Lampasona

Kale Me Crazy, the staple juice bar in Inman has been open for one year, and since then a following of customers have come in daily for their personal prescription of kale juices, ginger shots and cleansing packages. Each time you enter the white-washed, organic space, the whirring sound of the juicer greets your ears. Behind the counter, behind the scenes, behind the juicer- we talked with manager Chase Garner and juicer Xanic Dunning about just how much produce Kale Me Crazy juices daily.

 Time spent juicing produce KMC uses for the next 24 hours: 8-10 hours

Maximum amount of produce per bottle: 8 pounds

Main ingredient in most of the juices: apples

Ingredient that they juice the least: swiss chard or romaine

Amount juiced daily:

  • 18 pounds of kale
  • 9 pounds of ginger
  • 100 apples
  • 80 lemons

Number of bottles mixed per day: 100

Gallons of juice produced daily: 10-12 gallons

Amount of people involved in the prep-juice-bottle process: 3 to 4

Benefits of cayenne: increases body temperature so it boosts metabolism

Tip for home smoothies: freeze bananas for a smoother consistency

The regulars: come in every morning to get their shots and juice packs

Whoever is juicing gets really good at eyeballing exactly how many leaves of spinach are prescribed in one gallon."

-Chase Garner

I used to work as fry cook and a line cook at Bell Street Burritos. This is different because usually kitchens get hot and there is a non-stop rush for hours, but here we get points to switch tasks."

-Xanic Dunning