Hungry for pizza by the slice? Hit up this Atlanta dining institution

Dish of the week: Spinach-mushroom Sicilian pizza at Fellini’s Pizza

Life is full of little surprises that bring big joy – scoring a seat in the exit row of a plane, finding a $20 bill in a pair of old jeans, and, lately for me, discovering that Fellini’s Pizza sells its Sicilian pizza by the slice.

Fellini’s makes a nice thin-crust pizza that you can cut with a knife and fork or fold Neopolitan-style. I’ll devour its white pie laden with ricotta any day. But there’s no double its Sicilian is distinctive: a thick crusty that’s airy and puffy – perfect during the summer because it’s filling without being weighty like a Chicago-style deep-dish. Fellini’s spinach-mushroom version, generous in melted cheese and redolent of fresh garlic, is my pick among set menu options – though you can add whatever toppings you want.

Now, when I crave Sicilian pizza, I want it now. Which is why the by-the-slice option makes my stomach happy. No need to wait for that massive pie to bake. Just one triangular wedge, priced at a mere $3.90, is also big enough that everyone at the table is guaranteed a couple bites while chilling out on the patio, a cold beer in hand, waiting for the rest of the pies to arrive.

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