How to Make Vegetarian Ramen in Less than 2 Minutes

Ramen has two drastically different associations: the college student microwavable staple, OR a laborious process involving made from scratch noodles and overnight broth.

We're talking about the latter. Edward  Sun, owner and chef of Atlanta's vegetarian restaurant Cafe Sunflower, is Chinese and grew up eating Ramen. When he turned vegetarian, he wanted to find a way to make Ramen vegetarian style, without a meat-based stock. He came up with a wild mushroom stock and used seitan as the protein, in addition to a rainbow of vegetables.

AJC stepped into the kitchen with Sun to learn how to make his vegetarian Ramen. Sun has never released his recipe for Ramen and this was the first time he showed someone other than his family the process. Cafe Sunflower is hosting their first "Vegetarian Ramen Night" tomorrow, March 24 from 6-8 p.m. at the Buckhead location.

This week there are also three other special Ramen celebrations.

Tonight is Ramen Fest at Makan in Decatur, as well as RAMEN FREAK "Spice to Bowl" pop-up at Sound Table.

Then on Sunday, March 29 is Doc Chey's 7th annual Noodle Eating Contest. While not Ramen, you certainly get your fill of noodles if you participate!

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