Here's where to find chocolate slushies in Atlanta

Dish of the week: Frozen Drinking Chocolate from Xocolatl

What is the summertime recourse for hot chocolate lovers?  Frozen drinking chocolate courtesy of Atlanta bean-to-bar chocolatier Xocolatl.

At its Krog Street Market shop, the folks at Xocolatl melt 55-percent single-origin Nicaraguan chocolate and combine it – slushie style – with coconut milk. A topper of light-as-air coconut whipped cream plus a sprinkle of cacao nibs equate to brain freeze, sugar rush and pure chocolate bliss that you won't get from fountain drinks at 7-Eleven, QuikTrip or any other convenience store.

The ice cold cocoa sensation is among a trio of beverages that the small-batch chocolate microfactory recently debuted. Iced tea drinkers can look for ice herbal cacao tea, brewed cacao on ice served straight or with a house-made seasonal syrup such as lavender-orange blossom, raspberry or peppermint. Those needing a caffeine fix can order a cold brew cacao coffee that features roasted cacao cold brewed with a Guatemalan and Ethopian coffee blend.

Xocolatl, 99 Krog St., Atlanta. 404-604-9642,