Gu's Dumplings Opening for Lunch Today

Credit: Bob Townsend

Fans who mourned the recent closing of chef Gu's beloved Buford Highway Szechuan restaurant, Gu's Bistro , will be happy to know that the new Krog Street Market spin-off, Gu's Dumplings , is set to open for lunch today at 11 a.m. and continue serving for dinner.

The Gu's team announced the opening via its Facebook page yesterday:

The long wait is finaaaaalllly over!! @GusDumplings will be open at 11am Tuesday, March 24 for lunch! Get ready for some Authentic Szechuan dumplings, noodles, and stir-fry favorites!

“As the first authentic Szechuan restaurant to open in downtown Atlanta, we are thrilled to join this lively neighborhood and be a part of Krog Street Market.” said owner Yvonne Gu Khan. “Our menu will include some fan favorites from Gu’s Bistro, along with dumpling filling choices and a few noodle dishes. Chef and his team are looking forward to experimenting with new dishes while offering fresh and authentic Chinese cuisine to our loyal customers.”

Look for chef Gu's popular Zhong-style dumplings and Chengdu cold noodles, spicy soups and stir-fried dishes, on a menu that includes dishes for both omnivores and vegetarians.

99 Krog Street N.E., Atlanta, 404-527-6007.