Dining bonds that work like savings bonds help restaurants, including those in Georgia

A new program is striving to help restaurants hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, including several in metro Atlanta.

The Dining Bond Initiative, which was launched in mid-March by hospitality public relations professionals Helen Patrikis and Steven Hall, allows customers to purchase dining bonds that work like savings bonds. Bonds can be purchased at a suggested 25% discount, to be redeemed for full face value in the future.  For example, a $100 bond would sell for $75 and would be redeemed for full value on or after the redemption date. There is no cost for restaurants to participate, and each establishment determines its own terms for the discount and redemption.

More than 500 restaurants globally participate in the program, which was initially intended to help businesses at the outset of the pandemic. The Dining Bond Initiative has since turned into an ongoing campaign, and organizers are exploring collaborations with corporate partners and charities, as well as merchandise sales.

Metro Atlanta restaurants participating in the program include locations of TropQ Creamery and Cafe, South of Philly Restaurant and Mobile Catering, and The Bento Bus in Atlanta; Yakitori Jinbei and The Pirate’s Boil in Smyrna; Gusto locations in Atlanta, Decatur and Chamblee; as well as two NaanStop locations in Atlanta.

For a complete list of participating restaurants, visit diningbond.com.