Buy This: Three ways to step up your tailgating game

You can tailgate with your car, a cooler and a six pack, or you can up your game with these three products.

GrowlerWerks uKeg

You’d have to look long and hard to find a tailgating accessory this handsome and this functional. Portland, Oregon-based GrowlerWerks has built the uKeg, and it’s the way you want to take your craft beer on the road. Or for that matter, enjoy your craft beer at home. No clumsy glass growler, this insulated jug basically copies the idea of a beer keg. You add the beer, use a CO2 cartridge to pressurize the contents, then dispense beer from the tap. A gauge keeps track of how much is left. It dispensed every last drop of beer (nothing wasted!) and after three days (that’s as long as we could hold out), that last bit of beer was just as delicious as the first glass. Your beer stays cold, fresh and carbonated. It works so well you won’t want to restrict it to tailgate use.

$149 for the 64-ounce stainless model, $199 for 128-ounce. Available at

Tailgater Tire Table 

Sometimes you just need an extra surface for drinks, that platter of wings or the hot pan off the grill. Attach one of these to your tire and you’ve got the perfect heatproof table. The Tailgater Tire Table folds and stores flat and comes completely assembled. You just unfold it, slip it over a tire and put down the support leg. Done. At 12 pounds, it’s pretty easy to maneuver and since it stores flat, you can just leave it in your car for the next use. Attach it to one of your vehicle’s tires or a trailer tire or it will fit over the spare tire if yours hangs off the back of your vehicle. We found it was just a little too large to work easily on a small sedan, but it fits perfectly on the tires of a mid-size sedan or larger vehicle.

$139.95. Available on Amazon or at

DrinkMate-Spritzer Carbonation System

We’re big fans of sparkling beverages. Seems like a lot of folks are these days. Now you can take your carbonation system on the road. The Drinkmate Spritzer is a handheld carbonation device. Pour your beverage in the reusable bottle, pull the trigger and you’ve got sparkling juice. Sparkling wine. Sparkling water. Sparkling coffee. Sparkling tea. You get the idea. Add just a little carbonation or a lot. Each carbonation canister will add sparkle to up to 32 half-liter bottles. And great news, the CO2 cylinders are refillable. And the whole device is small enough to fit into a kitchen drawer or in your bin of tailgating supplies. Here’s to you, sparkling Cosmopolitan!

$79.99. Available on Amazon and at Cartridges can be exchanged and refilled at and additional cartridges can be ordered through Home Depot. 


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