Buy This: Three ways to get a healthy start for the new year

Three ideas for healthy you.

Organic Relaxing Travel Tea from ZenTea

Need a calm start to your new year? A cup of hot tea, or a glass of iced tea, could be just what you need. Connie Miller of ZenTea has been blending, brewing and serving tea in Chamblee for almost a dozen years. Her shop’s walls are lined with dozens of varieties of loose teas, bagged teas, teas just right for making iced tea and everything you need to brew a perfect cup of matcha. We browsed among several wellness blends, her cold care line - both relaxing and energizing, and a blend for helping you get that great sleep you know you need. We decided on her Relaxing Travel blend, a mix of catnip, skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint and oatstraw. We were intrigued by the ingredients, each selected because it is recognized as being calming. Even if we don’t have any travel coming soon, we can see this being the perfect cup of tea to get you past a stressful day or ready for a good night’s sleep. If you’re a fan of chamomile and peppermint, this is the tea for you.

$7.95 for a tin of 15 tea bags. Available at ZenTea, 5356 Peachtree Road, Chamblee or online at

Lupa’s Kitchen canned kombucha 

Looking forward to starting your new year with a probiotic lift? Then you may be considering drinking more kombucha. This fizzy fermented tea provides probiotics, antioxidants and some B vitamins and drinking kombucha can improve your digestion and help balance your gut microbiome. Mother and daughter Lupa and Claire Irie of Lupa's Kitchen brew their kombucha in a special area of their Doraville commercial kitchen. In May 2018 they became the first Georgia company to offer kombucha in cans. There are four flavors: raspberry, ginger turmeric, passion fruit and hibiscus. Kombucha is often sold in heavy glass bottles. Lightweight cans are easy to recycle and make the kombucha easy to include in a lunch bag or cooler. We've tried all the flavors and the ginger turmeric strikes us as just right for drinking on cold winter days.

$13 per 4-pack of 12-ounce cans. Available at Sevananda, Grant Park Market, Little's Food Store, Whole Foods Markets across the Southeastern region and online at

Caramel pecan cheesecake from Zambawango 

Cheesecake as a healthy treat? Yes, if you’re enjoying cheesecake from Zambawango, the new Sandy Springs dessert shop that specializes in low carb and gluten-free baking. We sampled a variety of their low carb baking, enjoying cinnamon rolls, cookies and marbled brownie bars. And we tried their cheesecake, with its cookie crust, caramel drizzle, whipped cream garnish and chopped nuts. It’s a best seller and is sweetened with Swerve so it clocks in at less than 4 carbs per slice. We all agreed, everything was delicious and nothing would make you feel deprived. And we appreciate that these special items have zero glycemic impact so kids and grownups with diabetes and other dietary restrictions can enjoy the same delicious treats everyone else does. Zambawango offers traditional baking, too.

$6.95 per slice. Available at Zambawango, 901 Abernathy Road, Sandy Springs, in the retail spaces of the Serrano building.



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