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Gourmet peanut butters from B.Nutty

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Gourmet peanut butters from B.Nutty

Time to change up that morning toast, afternoon snack and before bedtime treat.

Gourmet peanut butters from B.Nutty 

Leave it to two moms to reinvent peanut butter by creating flavors like Blissful Blueberry (honey roasted peanuts with milk chocolate-covered dried blueberries), Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (honey roasted peanuts again but this time with cinnamon and chunks of sugar cookies) and Irresistible Pretzel (those peanuts with bits of pretzels and white chocolate). There are 15 flavors in all. If you like crunch with bits of peanut and fun add-ins in every bite, you'll find lots of choices here. These peanuts butters would be fine for sandwiches but we are totally enjoying them on crisp apple slices. Be sure to stir up from the bottom of the jar since that's where lots of those delicious bits will settle. The peanut butters were created as a fundraising project and the Indiana-based company still makes the peanuts butters available to non-profit groups for fundraisers.

$3 per 3-ounce jar, $8 per 12-ounce jar. Available at Walmart and online at

Toasted Coconut Almond Butter from Big Spoon Roasters 

Big Spoon Roasters in Durham, North Carolina, makes nut butters - cashew, almond, pecan and peanut - in a wide array of imaginative flavors. Lemon Cashew Butter. Chai Spice Peanut and Almond Butter. Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter with Wildflower Honey. Hot Mamba Peanut Butter with Chiles and Sea Salt. We ran across their Toasted Coconut Almond Butter and just looking at the contents - big flakes of coconut sitting on top of the jar - we knew we had to give it a try. This may be one of the simpler combinations in their line-up but it’s just right for fans of crunch. The chunks of toasted almonds are recognizable, the big flakes of toasted organic coconut are crisp and the organic coconut nectar adds just a tiny bit of sweetness. There’s no stabilizer in these spreads, and the oil in the butter can separate and rise to the top. Big Spoon recommends you store the jar upside down. That way it’s easier to stir everything together when you’re ready to enjoy.

$13.95 per 13-ounce jar. Available at Whole Foods Market and online at Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. 

Credit: Steve BonDurant

Credit: Steve BonDurant

Amoré chocolate-nut spreads from Once Again 

Amoré hazelnut and almond spreads are specialty spreads from Once Again Nut Butter, a company based in rural upstate New York. The spreads are made with all organic ingredients and are certified fair trade. Each mixes nuts with cane sugar, skim milk and cocoa powder but the result is far from cloyingly sweet. We tried and enjoyed the almond and hazelnut flavors. They’re just sweet enough to seem like a treat when spread on your breakfast toast, but you won’t feel as if you’ve just eaten a sugar bomb. The consistency is spoonable, so you can start imagining other uses like stirring them into a cup of coffee or drizzling over granola. Their website includes a recipe for 3-ingredient gluten-free Amoré cookies (Amoré spread, oat flour and an egg) we can’t wait to try.

$9.99 per 12-ounce jar. Available at Nature's Corner Market in Marietta and Woodstock and Life Grocery in Marietta and online at


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