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"Bacon" chips from PigOut
"Bacon" chips from PigOut

PigOut Chips from Los Angeles 

“Bacon” chips made without bacon? “Bacon” chips that don’t involve pigs? Yes. These new chips from PigOut really do taste like bacon, but (surprise) they’re made from mushrooms, not pork. We tried the Original flavor - it’s just straight up “bacon.” If you didn’t know, you’d think real bacon was involved. Coming soon are cheddar, Kansas City BBQ and chipotle varieties. These are perfect for those worried about cholesterol (because these chips have none), but who still love the flavor of bacon. Even those of us who don’t mind the real thing will find these delicious. You can serve them to everyone - vegans and carnivores alike. For the moment, we’re just whetting your appetite. You can preorder PigOut chips now for delivery in October, the same month that they’ll start being distributed across the country. Sign up at the website to find out where they’ll be sold in your area.

$4.99 per 3.5-ounce bag. Find out when the chips will be available in stores near you and pre-order at

Low Country Potato Chips
Low Country Potato Chips

Lowcountry Kettle Potato Chips from Charleston, South Carolina 

Yes, you could eat chips from Big Potato Chip, made in an anonymous factory and shipped in huge container truckloads from one coast to the other. But wouldn’t you rather indulge your guilty pleasure with these handmade potato chips from Charleston-based Andrew Trumbull, Clayton Wynne and Nick Hedges of Lowcountry Kettle Potato Chips? The chips are thick, all the better to survive our Southern humidity. They’re skin-on, as any self-respecting kettle chip would be. They’re fried in canola oil sourced from family-owned farms in the Southeast. They really are handmade. And they come in the most amazing flavors: Spicy Pimento Cheese, Bloody Mary, State Fair Fried Pickle and Mustard BBQ Sauce, with more in the works. Everything about them says “We’re delicious and we are fun, y’all!”

$2 per 2-ounce package. Coming soon to brick-and-mortar locations in Atlanta but for now you can buy them online at

Red Rock Deli potato chips
Red Rock Deli potato chips

Red Rock Deli Chips from Australia 

Ok, we love all things local, but when it comes to crunch, we can bend the rules just a little. How about these Red Rock Deli potato chips - known as “crisps” on their native continent of Australia? Thinner than kettle chips, they’re deliciously crisp and flavorful. Our colleagues liked Red Curry Coconut best with its intriguing combination of flavors. But the Lime & Cracked Pepper just might be my favorite. Then again, Himalayan Pink Salt was really delicious. It tastes of potatoes! What a concept. Fingers crossed they’re going to bring over their Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream flavor soon.

$4.29 per 7-ounce package. Available at Publix, Kroger, Target and Australian Body Works on Piedmont Avenue.


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