American Spirit Works and Old Fourth Distillery news

American Spirit Whiskey founders Charlie Thompson and Jim Chasteen have placed under contract for purchase a 60,000-square-foot space at 199 Armour Drive to open American Spirit Works in Atlanta.

It will house the brand’s distillery and barrel storage and a 16,000-square foot event space operated by Novare Events, with leasable space remaining for future light industrial and retail uses including concepts that support and showcase Georgia grown and artisan crafted products.

American Spirit Whiskey is currently made in Charleston, South Carolina, where operations will continue until the Atlanta distillery is fully functional, estimated at approximately 18 months.

Chasteen, who will be heading up distillery operations, said in a press release, “Production won’t skip a beat, ASW has been and will remain on many shop and restaurant shelves."

Meanwhile, with its equipment in place and permits granted by city and federal authorities, Old Fourth Distillery is on track to become the first legal distillery in the City Of Atlanta in over a hundred years.

O4D owner, Jeff Moore, said today that he expects to begin distilling vodka in the next few weeks, and produce for four to six weeks, before bottling the first batch. That means O4D vodka could be in the Atlanta market in the next few months.

The long term plan is to produce a classic London dry-style gin by the distillery's first anniversary, and begin aging whiskey in oak barrels sometime after that.

"We're going to do that the right way," Moore said."Don't expect to see our whiskey for another 10 years."