What Matt Ryan had to say after the historic Super Bowl collapse

Here's what ATLANTA FALCONS QUARTERBACK MATT RYAN had to say after the Historic Super Bowl collapse:

(on if he thought the Falcons were in a good position to win after Julio Jones’ sideline catch) “Yes, I felt like we were in good position. He obviously made a great catch on the sideline and it felt like we put ourselves in a good position to come away with points on that drive. It didn’t end up working out, which was disappointing.”

(on if he thinks the play calling was too conservative in the second half) “No, I don’t think so. I thought Kyle (Shanahan) did a good job for us tonight and we had some opportunities to make plays. We just missed on a couple of things and just made a few mistakes and ultimately when you’re playing a really good football team like New England, those mistakes ended up costing us.”

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(on what caused the momentum to shift) “We didn’t have many snaps in the first half. We started off a little bit slow, but we had some short fields. We did a pretty good job with it. Defense did a great job creating turnovers. I thought we came out and played well in the third quarter and did some good things, really, in the fourth quarter, as well. We just had a couple of plays that kind of got us off schedule and I think with the onside kick, the short-field opportunity, it felt like we should have come away with points there and didn’t. And obviously, with the longer drive that we were in field goal range and got pushed back out of field goal range, so it was difficult. We knew we needed to come away with points in both of those.”

(inaudible question) “I’m not sure. I think we did some good things. Obviously, the first drive out of halftime wasn’t good, but our second drive, we go down and put points up on the board. I thought that was a solid drive for us. Again, I thought we did a couple good things in the third and fourth quarter. (We) just made some mistakes in situations that put us behind the chains and we were not able to overcome that. So, that part was disappointing.”

(on what he says to his teammates after a loss like that) “There’s nothing you can really say. That’s a tough loss. Obviously very disappointed, very close to getting done what we wanted to get done, but it’s hard to find words tonight.”

(on what happened in the second half) “I thought we made – we just did something to get us off schedule a little bit and put us behind the chains; penalties and just mistakes. And so I don’t think it was one thing or another. It was a couple things here and there that kind of got us off schedule and we weren’t able to overcome that.”

(on if the Patriots changed their pressure packages in the second half) “A little bit more pressure on one of the third downs, but nothing too drastic. They kind of had the same game plan. They applied a little bit more pressure in the second half, but nothing we weren’t prepared for and, again, we just didn’t make as many plays as we needed to.”

(on if he thinks the Falcons were too aggressive in the fourth quarter) “Too aggressive? No. I thought (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) did a good job. I thought we played the way that we play. We always play aggressive and play to win and we had opportunities as players. We had opportunities and we made some mistakes on the field that, at the end of the day, ended up costing us.”

(on if he believes the Patriots big-game experience allowed them to take advantage of a comeback opportunity) “I don’t think so. They’re a good football team and they’re tough. And we are, too. We just didn’t get it done today, which was disappointing, but I thought we had the right mindset. I thought we played the right way. I thought we gave incredible effort out there."

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(on the sack on the 23-yard line that pushed them out of field goal range) “Yes, that was a tough one. I wish I could have done a better job of trying to get rid of that ball. That was a big drive for us to kind of turn the field and get the ball down in field goal range, and to not come away with points on that drive was very disappointing.”

(on if he would like that play back) “I would like to a few back. I think there are plays here and there, I think, everybody across the board would liked to have done things differently, because at the end of the day, we didn’t get the job done.”

(on watching Tom Brady lead a game-winning drive in overtime from the sideline) “It’s tough. They were on a roll in the second half, and they made some great plays. He’s a great player, great competitor, and he did a great job today.”

(on how long the loss will stick with him) “We’ll see. It’ll sting tonight, for sure. I think everybody is disappointed, for sure. It’s not easy when you’ve come this far and didn’t get the result that you want. Like all things, we’ll move past it, come together and hopefully put ourselves right back in this position. We’ve got a young football team, a good football team. So, hopefully we put ourselves in this position again next year.”

(on his message to Atlanta) “We’re disappointed, I’m sure just like they are, and we’ve had unbelievable support from them all year. The fans have been great.”

(on how much he will dwell on the big lead that got away) “That’s one of the things we pride ourselves on, finishing well, and we didn’t do that today. So, from that standpoint, it was disappointing.”

(on the Dont’a Hightower sack and forced fumble and if it caused a momentum shift) “That certainly was a big play in terms of changing the momentum. I think we were up 16 at that point, so a two-score game, and to give them a short field, that was inopportune. And hopefully in the future, when we get those opportunities, we can do better.”

(on if he will take a couple weeks to get away from things and clear his mind) “I don’t know. We’ll reassess that tomorrow.”