"Quit kicking my seat!" and other in-flight gripes

We all have our pet peeves, and they seem to only get worse when enclosed in an airplane cabin at 35,000 feet.

The worst offender, according to survey respondents: the "Rear Seat Kicker." Coming in second was inattentive parents. And there are many, many more.

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi

Here's the full ranking of etiquette violators of the skies, according to Expedia:

1.     Rear Seat Kicker                                                 (cited by 61% of study respondents)

2.     Inattentive Parents                                                               (59%)

3.     The Aromatic Passenger                                                     (50%)

4.     The Audio Insensitive (talking or music)                              (50%)

5.     The Boozer                                                                          (45%)

6.     Chatty Cathy                                                                        (43%)

7.     Carry-On Baggage Offenders                                             (38%)

8.     The Queue Jumper (rushes to deplane)                             (35%)

9.     Seat-Back Guy (the seat recliner)                                       (32%)

10.  Overhead Bin Inconsiderate (stows bag in first available spot, rather than nearest to his/her seat)                                                                                (32%)

11.  Pungent Foodies                                                                 (30%)

12.  Back Seat Grabber                                                             (27%)

13.  The Amorous (inappropriate affection levels)                     (26%)

14.  Undresser (removes shoes, socks or more)                       (26%)

15.  Mad Bladder (window seat passenger who makes repeat bathroom visits)                                                                                          (24%)

16.  The Single and Ready to Mingle                                         (13%)

17.  The Seat Switcher                                                               (13%)

Source: Expedia