Delta testing facial recognition technology, self-service bag drop

Delta Air Lines is launching a test of facial recognition technology to match passengers' faces with their passport photos, which it says is the first such test by a U.S. airline.

The facial recognition technology will be part of one of four self-service bag drop stations Atlanta-based Delta is introducing at its hub at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. The stations will allow passengers to check their own bags.

Other airlines including Southwest Airlines, the second-largest carrier in Atlanta, already offer self-service bag tagging, but do not use the facial recognition technology. Delta says its bag drop system will go beyond self-service bag tagging and also allow customers to weigh and submit their bag independently.

Delta said it will collect customer feedback during the trial, and said studies show self-service bag drops have the potential to double the number of passengers processed per hour.


Airlines expand DIY processing at Atlanta airport Delta is introducing self-service bag drop at the Minneapolis airport and testing facial recognition technology as part of the service.

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