Delta considers robotic suits for employees

Delta Air Lines has joined an advisory group to explore ways for employees to use robotic suits.

Atlanta-based Delta is a member of an Exoskeleton Technical Advisory Group whose mission is to consider ways to bring exoskeleton systems to the workforce. The group is led by Sarcos Robotics, a robot producer, and other members include BMW, Caterpillar and GE.

"The opportunity to deploy powered, full-body industrial exoskeletons that reduce injury and dramatically enhance human strength, endurance and precision is more proximate than most people realize" said Sarcos Robotics CEO Ben Wolff in a written statement. The idea is to improve efficiency and reduce occupational injuries for "complex or non-repetitive tasks," according to the company.

The Sarcos exoskeletons are “energetically autonomous and highly dexterous, intuitive to operate and easy to put on and take off,” according to Delta’s announcement.

Delta's chief operating officer Gil West said in a written statement that the advisory group presents an opportunity "to think about how fitting our employees with wearable robotics can build on our strong personal safety culture and further protect our people from injury by giving them an additional layer of strength and protection."