Sports Insider: Outlook for baseball and Braves’ second half of season

In this week’s Sports Insider, fans can get an up-close analysis of baseball’s second half to come, including where the Braves stand among the game’s top teams (hint: it’s pretty good) and how the teams and top players compare statistically.

A wide range of topics in this week’s 49-page section also includes a five-year review of the NFL draft class of 2017 and how teams might have changed their picks based on what everyone knows now.

And we have a look at how one college football program is handling NIL in regard to its donors, and whether it’s an approach that will spread throughout the game.

Plus, there’s much more to read — including about the Baseball Hall of Fame, a top football reporter’s path to prominence in the game, auto racing, video games and chess — all week long in the latest Sports Insider.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

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In Sunday’s ePaper, you’ll also find After the Game bonus coverage for the Braves’ win Saturday after they rout the Angels again.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

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