In this week’s Sports Insider, fans can get a closer look at the incredible journeys of each of the eight men enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

  • Bryant Young won Comeback Player of the Year after suffering a horrific injury.
  • Dick Vermeil almost went back to coaching the Eagles instead of the Rams.
  • Richard Seymour won three NFL championships in his first four seasons.
  • Linebacker Sam Mills’ personal motto — “Keep pounding” — remains the motto of his former team.
  • Official Art McNally is considered the father of instant replay.
  • LeRoy Butler invented the “Lambeau Leap.”
  • Cliff Branch’s career as a receiver got off to a rocky start because of frequent drops.
  • Tony Boselli was the first pick in the history of two franchises.

A wide range of topics in this week’s 60-page section also includes a look at the English Premier League, which is the most-watched sports league in the world, and we have your guide to the new season. In our coverage of trends, youth sports have grown into a big deal, and communities are racing to build mega-complexes to cash in.

Plus, find out why Georgia Tech’s Keion White says he’s “1,000 percent” back.

Readers can also relive broadcasting legend Vin Scully’s greatest calls. Check out videos accompanying his most memorable announcing moments.

Plus, there’s much more to read — how trade deadline deals shook up Major League Baseball and who changed their fate; Bill Russell’s excellence on the court was only rivaled by the greatness of the man he was off the court; high school football will still go on in flood-stricken eastern Kentucky — all week long in the latest Sports Insider.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

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