Sports Insider: What’s the proper way to spell Dawgs? With 12 W’s!

In this week’s Sports Insider, college football fans can take stock of Saturday’s wild day of upsets, blowouts and everything in between, starting with complete in-depth coverage of Georgia’s win over Georgia Tech to complete the Dawgs’ second straight undefeated regular season.

In this week’s 63-page edition, there’s also plenty to learn about the happenings at the World Cup with the U.S. team as it prepares for its final match in group play against Iran, as well as a focus on how top international players are trained in Europe and Brazil.

Also, college athletic departments looking for a boost in revenue are turning to sponsorships and partnerships with gambling companies, but some mental-health experts explain the reasons why that can be harmful to younger minds.

Plus: Why the Atlanta Hawks’ coach is emphasizing not just hard practice but smart preparation; free-agent pitchers who might become some of baseball’s best free-agent bargains this winter; how enigmatic tennis star Novak Djokovic is finding “harmony” in his changed ways — as well as plenty more to read all week long in the latest Sports Insider.

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