Sports Insider offers plenty of perspectives on football - and more

In this week’s Sports Insider, fans can learn about the unexpected developments in the NFL — such as two legendary quarterbacks who might be showing signs of lingering too long, the fact that teams aren’t putting as many points on the board as we’re used to, the gutting of the Carolina Panthers roster and more.

The 63-page magazine also has the details on Saturday’s college football results, from some early hints at how the playoff field could take shape to which Top 25 teams lost and which survived scares.

Also, find out why Black head coaches still face a steep uphill battle to get their chance at stardom on the sidelines despite decades of NFL measures that were aimed at creating a level hiring atmosphere.

And find out who’s in the first class inducted into the Georgia High School Football Hall of Fame, including some NFL Hall of Fame celebrities.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Plus, find out how the athlete behind “the agony of defeat” handles his infamy, why the latest NHL video game is able to draw in a wider following, why running might be good for your knees contrary to popular belief — as well as plenty more to read all week long in the latest Sports Insider.

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