AJC Launches Black History Month Coverage

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

For the eighth year in a row, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is proud to present our Black History Month Series. Every day this month, we will run a story highlighting key aspects of Black life in America.

This year is even more special as we delve into a specific topic – Black Resistance.

The series will look at how Black Americans have resisted historical and ongoing oppression. It will examine the origin of myths such as the “docile” and “happy” slave. The series will also explore legends such as the one that claims a group of captured Africans rebelled against slavery and “walked back to Africa.” We will highlight Black American pioneers and the lasting influence of Rosa Parks.

Senior Reporter Ernie Suggs, who curates the series, said it is a teaching tool and has been embraced by readers.

We have been careful in the eight years to steer away from the “textbook” Black history. We have tried to dig into topics and subjects that don’t quickly come to mind while also mining themes to see how different strands of history connect. Like this year’s theme of Black Resistance, he said.

“Readers have loved the series and have been very supportive,” he added. “Some have even come up with suggestions about stories to write. For example, the story we are doing about the card game Bridge, has been in the works for at least two years, having been suggested by a loyal reader. But we are just finding space to run it.”

Join us as we look at how, through faith, music, sports, the media, education, politics and even the environment, Black Americans, organizations, and events have changed the world. Go to ajc.com/black-history-month for more subscriber exclusives.

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